Real Decreto 639/2014, de 25 de julio, por el que se regula la troncalidad...

Tras la aprobación el pasado 25 de julio en consejo de ministros, el RD de Troncalidad ve la luz y se publica el 6 de agosto, en el Boletín Oficial del Estado.

Ver:  Real Decreto 639/2014, de 25 de julio, por el que se regula la troncalidad…


World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance. Alliance Contre le développement des Bactéries Multi-Résistantes. The WAAAR declaration against antibiotic resistance


The increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria poses a major healthcare threat. In the face of an almost complete absence of new antimicrobial drugs in development, antibiotic resistance (ABR) has become one of the main public health problems of our time. Antibiotics are a unique class of medications because of their potential societal impact; use of an antibiotic in a single patient can select for ABR that can spread to other people, animals, and the environment, making an antibacterial used in one patient ineffective for many others.

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CDC: Criterios de infecciones 2014 y novedades con respecto a la infección del sitio quirúrgico.


Se adjuntan los criterios de infecciones 2014 y las novedades con respecto a la infección del sitio quirúrgico.





Varicella vaccine in the European Union


The Vaccine Preventable Diseases programme of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has set up a working group to provide guidance to the European Union Member States on the potential  introduction of varicella vaccination.

The aim of the final report of the working group is to support EU Member States in their national decision-making  process with regard to childhood varicella vaccination. 

To assist the working group in developing an evidence-based guidance document, a systematic review of the best  available evidence was commissioned along with work on varicella modelling. The systematic review was produced  by Pallas Health Research and Consultancy and the modelling outputs by a Framework Partnership Agreement  (ECDC Grant 2009/002) with Pisa University.